Mountop tells you how to drink water properly for outdoor exercise

Drink water outdoors have exquisite, a few times not passive. When a lot of people participate in outdoor sports, thirsty just can think of to want to drink water, one-time cheer way is cool just stop, this kind of means not only go against outdoor survival, go against bodily function to move more. So how to drink water correctly?

Mountop tells you how to drink water properly for outdoor exercise

1. It is better to drink two or three small sips each time. If you are too thirsty, you can shorten the time of drinking water, increase the number of times you drink water, and drink too much water at one time. It is not a waste of precious water that your body cannot absorb, but a burden on your heart.

2. For general outdoor activities such as hiking, the best way to consume water is 250CC/15min.

3. During the normal walking time, urination should also be 4 hours per time. The symptoms of water loss in the body can be understood by observing the color of urine excreted. The urine is dark yellow, slightly thirsty, and the pulse rate is normal, indicating mild dehydration. Urine is dark yellow, mucosa inside the mouth is dry, thirsty, pulse rate is accelerated but weak is moderate dehydration symptom, severe dehydration symptom is without urine, pale face and skin, shortness of breath, thirsty and lethargic, pulse is fast and weak.

4. When you arrive at the camp, don't go to sleep immediately even if you are tired. Take some time to melt the snow and drink about 2 liters of water.

5. Coffee, tea, and chocolate all have diuretic effects and provide only 50 percent of the available water.

6. Don't drink alcohol if you want to go to the top or get rid of your headache early. Alcohol metabolism requires a lot of water (when you're drunk, you're all thirsty), which is a big burden on your body.

7. add sugar in water can supplement energy in the process of travel, and increase the taste, a variety of sugar mixture will speed up the absorption of sugar (glucose, fructose - honey, sucrose ");

8. Adding a certain amount of Na, K, Ca and Mg ions into the water will improve the ion balance of body fluids; Add some vitamins, can effectively supplement the intake of vitamins, and can reduce the body "alkalosis situation." Such drinks can be prepared on their own or off the shelf, and guozhen is a good choice, as are sports drinks on the market.

——In the process of outdoor sports, remember not to have to, do not drink the last drop of water!——

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