Use spring water to clean your face,but leech enter your nose!

Left nose get a nosebleed again and again more than half a month and go to the hospital inspection and found that it was leech (commonly known as leeches) reason.

Recently,Mr Zhan, 35years old, removed a 2.5cm-long leech from the otolaryngology department of dongguan people's hospital. Where do leeches come from? It turned out that Mr. Zhan had traveled to other provinces a month ago and washed his face with the mountain spring water. City people's hospital otolaryngology doctor Lu bixia reminded, nasal cavity foreign body see more, Mr Zhan this kind of situation is relatively rare, National Day soon arrived, when the public go out to play do not drink or wash face with mountain spring water, let leeches and other parasites take the opportunity to invade.

Mr Chan went to provincial a month ago to trip,because local no running water, he had been washed with mountain spring, it’s possible to take advantage of the drilling in the nasal leech larvae, because leeches particularly strong adsorption ability, it could adsorpt on the nasal mucosa grew up vampire, and corroded Mr Zhan nose internal organizational structure, it also could appear the symptom of nasal itching recurrent nosebleeds.


Wash a face with mountain spring water easy "attract" bug enters the body


Lu bixia reminds, leech larva volume is subtle, color is partial white, the person's naked eye is not easy to detect, when drinking mountain spring (or stream water) or wash a face with these water, float in the water tiny young leech is easy to enter nasal cavity and pharynx and larynx through upper respiratory tract or oral cavity, cause problems in the human body.

"The running water is disinfected, and there will be no leeches or other aquatic organisms living on it. However, the water from natural waters such as mountain springs and streams, as well as some polluted dirty water, and insects and other organisms are easy to live on it. Do not use it for drinking or washing your face." Lu bixia reminds us that the National Day holiday is coming. When we travel, we should be alert to these parasites "invasion". If leeches and other aquatic organisms are found to enter the ear, nose, throat and other similar situations, we should seek medical advice in time. In addition, now the weather is still a little hot, many people swim, in the sanitary conditions do not allow the case had better not go to the natural waters to swim, in order to avoid water leeches or other organisms into the ear, nose and throat and other organs, artificial pool water will be regularly disinfected, relatively safe.

Meanwhile, Mountop reminds you to take a sterilization bottle with you when you go out, which can avoid the invasion of bacteria, viruses and parasites and ensure the safe drinking water.

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